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Frequently Asked Questions:

More Capabilities & the Future

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Can WolframTones generate monophonic ringtones?
It doesn't generate older monophonic formats used by some cellphones. But it can generate monophonic musical compositions. Just go to Instrumentation, and pick a single Instrument, with a Role like Lead. This will give a composition where only one note plays at a time.

Can I select compositions based on caller ID?
You can download multiple WolframTones compositions to your phone, and hook different ones to different caller IDs. You can also pick a composition as your "personal theme," and send it to your friends to play on their phone when you call.

Can I get WolframTones screen backgrounds for my cellphone?
Not yet. But this is planned for the future. Sign up to get news about future enhancements.

Can I transfer WolframTones compositions to an iPod?
This is planned for the future. Sign up to get news about future enhancements.

Can I download WolframTones compositions in MP3, OGG, AAC, etc. formats?
This is planned for the future. Sign up to get news about future enhancements.

Can I get sheet music for WolframTones compositions?
We're considering this. Sign up to get news about future enhancements. Many WolframTones compositions should sound very good played on traditional instruments.

Can I generate WolframTones on my own computer?
There are some technical issues that need to be overcome to make this possible, but we are considering this. Sign up to get news about future enhancements.

What are the potential applications for WolframTones?
There are lots--spanning utilitarian, entertaining, educational, artistic, and even downright wacky areas. Fields include telecommunications, consumer electronics, professional entertainment, hobbies, the arts, etc. Some rely on the ability to make many different compositions, with different amounts of variation. Others depend on the ability to make arbitrarily long compositions, perhaps with certain constraints. Cellphone ringtones are an example of "personal signalling technology." Expect to see many WolframTones applications in the future. Sign up to get news about future developments.

Can I license WolframTones technology for my application?
Please contact our business development group, who will be happy to talk to potential corporate licensees.

What are other NKS technology applications?
There are lots. WolframTones is an early example of mass customization--in which complex objects can automatically be "custom made." Beyond personal signalling, there are many other places where this is extremely useful. There's also a lot of NKS technology in the pipeline that's based on finding single simple programs that are good for particular purposes. (Rule 30, for example, is a good randomness generator or cryptosystem.) NKS gives one a new kind of engineering, where one searches broadly in the computational universe rather than just constructing a design. The results are often tremendously unexpected--and extremely powerful. (See the book for a general essay.)

Where do I find material relevant to WolframTones?
The NKS Forum is an excellent place for discussions related to WolframTones. There is an Artistic NKS area for topics related to art, music, and design. Another highly relevant resource is The Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

Are you hiring?
Wolfram Research is always on the lookout for talented individuals. We may have some additional openings specific to WolframTones, but mostly we're looking for people who can contribute to our wide range of upcoming innovative projects. See the Wolfram Research Opportunities Site.

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